Software and Real Life Script

After more than half a year I finally hit the “write” button on my blog. Over the last couple of months, I have been learning Selenium. For those who do not spend their lives in the IDE(Integrated development Environment), Selenium is an open source software automation tool that helps automate workflows.

Without getting too technical, what Selenium does is, it identifies web elements in a web page and then performs operations on them. For example, if I want to automate the login flow in WordPress, I would write a piece of code to identify the text boxes for entering the username and password. The program would then automatically enter the credentials and hit login or submit button.

This way you have complete control over each and every element, the way it behaves on the web page. Not only that, there is an interesting wait option that allows the program to wait for a page or individual web elements to be loaded in the page. Once they are loaded, they are ready to be clicked or ready to accept some text.

You can also make the program navigate back and forth through various web pages. The program can be made to read text from some files and input the same in the application or read some information from the web and put it into an excel or a word file. Now you must be wondering why the heck am I telling all this? Obviously, all softwares do their stuff exactly the way they are written to do.

Bingo! Writing a piece of code that works exactly the way we intend it to is so much satisfying and fulfilling. Here goes my mind wandering into realms of imagination. What if, we could write the script of our own lives? What if we could control each individual that we interact with in our life, something similar to a web element on a web page? What if we could control each situation or an event and make it happen exactly the way we wanted to?

Again, when you visit a website, there are numerous unwanted and irritating alerts that keep popping up either to accept cookies or terms and conditions, whatever. We can immediately dismiss them. What if we could dismiss unwanted characters in our lives? Won’t it be much easier and peaceful?

Am sure many of my friends and readers would opine that we alone make and control our lives. Maybe, to some extent however, there are far too many instances where we wanted the situation to pan out in a particular way or just wanted some characters out of the picture. There are so many events that we wanted to happen earlier or later or never at all.

Thinking of the other side, if we did have a complete control of our life, if we did have the capability to write our own script, true to human nature, we would spend most of our time writing and re-writing the script. Making adjustments all the time or even editing and replaying the events. After a certain point, it would become so predictable that we would start running out of ideas. Life would become a long dull story. And maybe, we could end up writing few versions of how we want to live!

Instead of enjoying the moment, we would be thinking about what and how the next event should be. We would be busy planning how to manipulate and control or fellow beings. We would miss experiencing life as it should be. I believe nature has its own plan and a reason of not giving us all the control. After all, suspense and unpredictability have their own charm and that is what keeps us going. It would be so unexciting to know everything in advance. Who knows what tomorrow has in store for us.

A painter no doubt enjoys splashing and shaping colours on the canvas but a connoisseur takes greater delight in looking at and appreciating the painting.

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