Yeh Dil Maange More…

My friend woke up at 8am in the morning, something he would not do even if the house was on fire. But this day was no ordinary day. This was the “Big Sale Day“ on an e-commerce site! This was the day you could buy a smart phone or a 16GB pen drive at Rs.1.  After battling for about 2 hours he finally reached the payment step when the site could not cope up with the load and flashed a “transaction declined” message.  His world came crashing down and for the next two days he was in a kind of depression. Now he could not boast of having bought a smart phone at Rs.1 on the big day sale.  Buying stuff on the e-commerce sites has now become “cool” especially amongst younger population. If you haven’t bought some fancy apparel, that jazzy wrist watch or those hip shoes, “you ain’t there” yet.

The e-commerce companies have created a huge market by playing with the psyche of the consumer, catering to the base human desire to have more. As per a report in Business Standard, the e-commerce sector is pegged at Rs.18,000 crore and is expected to grow up to Rs.50,000 crore by 2016.  Except for a new car, a boat or a house (at least as of now but who knows!) you can buy anything online. Just look at the obscene profit Flipkart made on the “Big billion Day“ sale. This is consumerism at its best. People sometimes end up buying stuff that they to buy things that are heavily discounted or dirt cheap if you are lucky. Just take a look at the twenty something population working in IT companies. You can see them logged into these sites many times a day looking for better deals. I know many colleagues who buy at least one apparel or a pair of shoes every alternate week. Just spend a few minutes in the afternoon outside any IT company and you would surely spot a Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal delivery guy waiting to deliver the stuff.

Buying online is definitely a lucrative option considering the facts that you do not have to travel to the shop, jostle with the crowd, get a chance to evaluate lots of products, pay online and have it delivered to your doorstep in a relatively short time. Also, you get the required warranty/ guarantee in addition to a fairly robust replacement policy. Hmm…not bad if you exercise adequate precaution while making online payments and manage to avoid the trap of mouth-watering deals and the resultant burgeoning credit card bills. After all “Ye dil maange more !!”

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