Managing Your Photographs

wp_20140622_043On a lazy Sunday afternoon while I was going through the pictures stored in my phone, I was amazed to see the sheer quantity of them. There were pictures of sunrises, sunsets, clouds, pictures of family members, birthday pictures, wedding pictures and snaps of outings and of course some selfies! A lot of pictures were of bad quality with incorrect focus, bad light or just hazy. A lot of pictures were clicked by my seven year old daughter who had started taking pictures right from the age of four. Kids do have an early start these days! The pictures were randomly placed and if I had to search for a particular picture I had to do quite a bit of searching. I wondered if I really needed all the pictures, I had been deleting some pictures routinely but that was it. I am sure this is the case with most of us. In this digital age where even feature phones have a decent camera, each one of us has become an ace photographer or that’s what we think. Photographs are moments frozen in time.  Moments that we treasure and cherish down the line.  Moments that we can share with our family, friends, children or grand children. With easy internet connectivity, we can instantly upload photos on facebook, twitter and other social media. This acts as a catalyst to click more pictures anywhere or everywhere and share them on the social media. On top of that, the craze for selfies is such that we even had a macaque monkey taking a selfie which resulted in a bizzare patents row!! We gradually start losing track of them and they end up consuming space on the memory card or the hard disk. However, the picture is not so bleak, there are lots of apps for you photo freaks.

If you are an apple fan, there are apps like Dropbox, Web Albums HD, iPhoto and Cloud Photos that help you manage your photos. With Dropbox, users can create albums and move photos between them. Web Albums HD offers a standalone application for your photos stored in Google’s cloud. The iPhoto is a true blue Apple app with an interface familiar to Mac users and through PhotoStream can directly connect your images with the Mac desktop. The CloudPhotos app can capture and save your photos to the cloud thus saving space on your phone. It features an album management system, sharing of your albums with friends and sending photos to social apps.

If you are in the android ecosystem, apps like QuickPic, F- Stop Media Gallery and Flayvr are popular. QuickPic can help sort photos by name or date, set photos as wallpaper, contact icons or share with any other app. It can exclude or include certain folders in your gallery and password protect photos that you do not want others to see. F-Stop Media Gallery has a powerful tagging feature that embeds your tags and ratings right into the JPG files, and then you can browse by tag as well as the more traditional options. If you have a ton of photos on your phone, this might be the best choice. Flayvr, which is now MyRoll creates living memory collages based around events, combining interactive photos and videos letting you relive those memories as they happened.

So with technology on your side, it is pretty easier now to manage your photos. Go ahead, take your best shot and share with the world.

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