Coping With Work Life Balance

work-life-balanceWith the ever increasing demands of a modern work life, the working hours have undergone a drastic change. Depending on where you work and the type of work, work timings could vary between 9am to 6pm, 12pm to 9pm, 3pm to 12am or a complete night shift. Sometimes the shifts are rotated amongst the employees based on the work needs.  In the Indian context, the employee almost always ends up working extra hours. This results in unsettling of the biological clock leading to stress, tension, loss of appetite and sleep. For the married ones, the problem is compounded due to the additional needs of the family life. On top of that, with smart phones and laptops, you are never really away from work and the pressure to reply to an email or answer a call could be overwhelming.

But there is no getting away from it, not yet. After all we have to pay up the EMIs for the home loan, car loan, that exotic modular kitchen and yes those insurance premiums!! So how do we deal with it without burning out? First and foremost, try to get at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. Now this is below the recommended eight hours but then whatsapp, hike, facebook and viber etc do extract their pound of flesh. If you are commuting by bus or a cab, grab at least 20-30 minutes of sleep during commuting. If you need to work sitting at one place for extended hours, ensure that you do get up and take a brisk walk or stretch for a few minutes after every couple of hours. Keep your sitting posture correct so as not to strain your back or neck. Drink plenty of water and less coffee. It is always advisable to have a heavy breakfast and light lunch or dinner. If your work involves lots of travel, avoid travelling at late nights. Avoid eating spicy food. Though it is not always possible but try to keep the lunch and dinner timings regular.  This can help reduce or avoid problems like acidity, migraine etc. Whenever you have free time, always work out a bit, jog or take a walk. If you are residing near your workplace, use a bicycle instead. Try to pursue your hobby or play a game or just do something that you like. Yoga and meditation are a great way to unwind and get some calm and peace back. If you are interested in a social cause, go for it. There is no greater joy than giving something back to the community.

If the shift hours are changing after a gap like a weekend or a holiday, it’s okay. However, if the shift hours need to change suddenly then try to do it gradually over a period of two to three days. Remember, there is no running away from work. We have to work to support our families and sustain our lifestyle. So let us try to do it the healthier way. Happy working!!

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